User Experience, Information Architecture, and Taxonomy

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User Experience

UX work always fits into someone’s bigger picture. It’s crucial to understand this bigger picture. The more seamlessly a product or service fits into someone’s world view, the more easily it can be used and the more successful it will be.

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Information Architecture

Information architecture organizes information according to user expectations. It plans the site navigation with site maps, taxonomy, and wireframes.

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Taxonomy and metadata are a way to classify or categorize information so authors and users can find it. Taxonomy is a must on large sites where authors need to re-use content and users need to search through it.

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Theresa Putkey

About Theresa Putkey

My focus is on user needs in content management systems (websites, intranets, and other CMS projects), digital asset management systems, and digital libraries. Part of making a CMS “work” is an appropriate information structure and taxonomy.

Leveraging over 10 years of experience in information architecture and over 15 years in the technology industry, I bring strong expertise to each customer. My tenure and experience in the field, coupled with my Masters degree in Information Science, provide a powerful approach to helping your organization achieve success.

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