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Key Pointe provides content strategy consulting services to enable medium and large organizations to find, manage, and scale content more easily. We’re known for working on large, disorganized websites, especially intranets and extranets, and for training internal teams. We use proven methodologies to create evidence-based solutions grounded in business goals and user needs.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy services uncover the root causes of content problems and provide a vision and framework for achieving success. We focus our content strategy work on transforming content structure to support your organization’s strategic goals.

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Information Architecture

Information architecture sets the page structure for achieving your content strategy. Our IA services methodically analyze the existing content and then restructure it through a user-centred lens.

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Our taxonomy and metadata services provide the mechanism for describing, finding, and reusing your content. We establish the key elements for dynamic content display, content reuse, and personalization.

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Latest from Our Blog

Challenges on a Large Information Architecture Project

While attempting to write a case study, a colleague of mine asked me for some examples of issues I had on a recent intranet redesign project. This was a good project for examples, as it really was a fun and challenging project to work on. I thought I'd share the examples and hopefully (as a practitioner) you'll find humorous, though the humour points to big problems!

Growing from Information Architecture to Content Strategy: One IA’s Journey

More and more of my work has moved from straightforward information architecture and taxonomy work and more into the "why" behind information architecture and taxonomy. For me, the answer to this "why" became content strategy. I realized that content strategy can solve many IA and taxonomy problems I encounter. I decided to use my skills to investigate the problems and create solutions through the lens of content strategy.

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