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Optimizing content to meet business goals and user needs

with content strategy, information architecture, and taxonomy

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Content Strategy

Content strategy sets the direction of the content for your organization or website. We focus our content strategy work on helping you structure your content so that it supports your organization’s strategic goals. We investigate content issues around workflow from the creation of content through to maintenance and archiving and answer the question of, “What structure is needed behind the content to make this all possible?”

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Information Architecture

Information architecture helps users navigate the digital spaces. It sets the physical page structure for a website or intranet based on user needs and shows how pages are related. It lays out the global navigation for your site. We work with you to create a site structure that is easily learned, scalable, optimizes use of metadata, taxonomy, and content. Through usability testing, we ensure user-validation of the site structure.

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Taxonomy and metadata provides the foundation for describing what your content is about and are foundational elements for dynamic content display, content reuse, and personalization. Once content is described, users can find it more easily and software and machines can do more with it. We work with you to develop a framework for your metadata and taxonomy, then develop an appropriate taxonomy to meet your business goals.

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We’re happy to hear about any new projects, questions around projects, training requests, or content strategy, IA, and taxonomy reviews.

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Growing from Information Architecture to Content Strategy: One IA’s Journey

More and more of my work has moved from straightforward information architecture and taxonomy work and more into the "why" behind information architecture and taxonomy. For me, the answer to this "why" became content strategy. I realized that content strategy can solve many IA and taxonomy problems I encounter. I decided to use my skills to investigate the problems and create solutions through the lens of content strategy.