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Taxonomy for Member-Driven Professional Organization

Case Study, Taxonomy|

This U.S.-based member-driven professional organization needed to create an enterprise taxonomy to consolidate their information resources and make better use of their limited financial resources. As the lead taxonomist and project manager, I worked with the client and a junior taxonomist to run card sorting, create a taxonomy framework, build out the taxonomy, and test the taxonomy. Here's a more in-depth look at the project.

User Research for a Government Organization

Case Study, User Research and Usability Testing|

Faced with a design mandate, this government organization needed to do research before designing the solution to ensure the solution was appropriate for its audiences. I was able to help this organization with an interview plan, interviewing, analysis, and journey mapping.

Expert Review for a Government Organization

Case Study, Information Architecture|

This organization had two content heavy websites. As one tool in their toolkit to improve their sites, they needed an expert review of the site. At the final presentation, one manager stated this expert review was part of a continually improvement process. In starting with this review, they would be able to pick off some low hanging fruit, improve the site, then do usability testing to gain even more insight.

Usability Testing for a Government Organization

Case Study, User Research and Usability Testing|

With three websites, this organization wanted to do user testing on all three websites so they could continue to improve and iterate on its design. They knew that getting constant feedback allowed them to continually improve their products. For this project, I was able to help them with test goals and planning, conduct the research, and write up and present the results.

Usability Testing for a Credit Union

Case Study, User Research and Usability Testing|

As part of a website redesign process and before implementing any changes in the CMS, a credit union wanted to do usability testing on the wireframes. For this project, I worked on the initial user research, the information architecture, wireframes, and conducting the usability testing. The usability testing portion of the project proved challenging and interesting.

Information Architecture for Rocky View County

Case Study, Information Architecture|

Working with a content strategist, we took Rocky View through a user-centred design process, then created a new information architecture and content strategy. During our research, it became clear that Rocky View served a diverse and geographically dispersed community which needed geographically appropriate information.