How Information Architecture Can Help Your Business

//How Information Architecture Can Help Your Business

Every business needs a digital presence. Digital is no longer optional in your strategic planning. Having a website is crucial to your business and enables you to connect and engage with your target audience 24/7.

But did you know that there’s something that could be doing more damage to your business than not having a website? Having a poorly designed site that suffers from common usability problems can do significant damage to your brand and bottom line.

There are many basic website design problems that can potentially frustrate your customers and deter them from making a purchase, proceeding through your sales channels – or worse – pushing them towards your competitors. If users can’t find something easily on your site within the first few moments of landing on your page, it eliminates the desired convenience of online access. Using an online platform needs to be a seamless and intuitive process.

Unfortunately, companies can lose a large portion of their respective markets due to these very common website usability problems.

Usability problems often result in increased use of your other resources, mainly human capital. Many customers will often go online to find a quick answer to their questions. But if they encounter one of the many common taxonomy mistakes that even established corporations make, they often resort to calling help lines or sending emails. This uses your valuable time and resources.

So what can you do, as a business-owner, to retain customers, increase efficiency, and gain countless hours of your employee’s time?

All of these challenges caused by common website problems can be resolved by improving your website’s information architecture. By focusing on refining your current taxonomy, ensuring that information is laid out in a logical and intuitive way, and preventing customers from feeling overwhelmed with irrelevant information, you can quickly eliminate the majority of website problems that companies are struggling with. It’s important to note that intuitive, seamless, and user-friendly website needs to be researched and designed to best appeal to your users.

If you’re a new business owner, consulting with an information architect in the development of your web design will allow you to sidestep the common website taxonomy problem and will stop you from facing resistance when launching into your respective industry. Whether it’s a website redesign or a website built from scratch site, effective information architecture is an investment that will have significant and continuous returns for your company, brand, and overall operational efficiency.

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