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A content strategy “guides the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content” (Halvorson) for your specific organizational needs and challenges. We focus our content strategy skills on content governance and how content governance is supported through structure. We investigate content issues around workflow from the creation of content through to maintenance and archiving and ask, “What structure is needed behind the content to make this all possible?”

Once we can articulate the content processes, business goals, and user needs, we can create a strategy. From this strategy, the necessary structure, taxonomy, and metadata can be identified. Then, the technology can be appropriately configured to support the process.

Many customers have needs such as:

  • Better findability of content, by user or by authors
  • Better content reuse, whether it’s starting with basic reuse or optimizing reuse
  • Better reporting across systems to help determine (among many things) which content is most useful to which audiences
  • Optimized workflow whether moving from an ad-hoc process or improving an already standardized process
  • Identifying success measures around content

During the discovery phase, not all issues raised will be content strategy issues. We create a content strategy, given feedback into non-content issues, and recommend solutions within the structural aspect of content strategy with an end to improve content reuse, reporting, workflow, and success. For any content strategy solutions around customer experience of content, or editorial content strategy, we recommend partners to help you meet these needs.

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