Usability Testing

//Usability Testing

Think your product is great? User testing is the best way to fully understand your users.

Usability testing is the only sure-fire process that will either confirm your suspicions – or tell you how to make it so. Working with another UX expert, we help you gather the data you need in order to best maximize the usability of your product.

To properly meet the objectives of usability testing, I typically employ the following processes:

  • Usability test subjects are given a careful walk through of your design, observing them performing key tasks
  • Encourage test users to think aloud as they explore your site
  • Debrief usability test subjects to capture insights of their experience of the interface and your brand.
  • Quantify test results and findings whenever possible
  • I might do the following:

    • Testing at a customer site or conference room for in person tests
    • Test interviews via remote means, if your website’s users are geographically disparate

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